Friday, March 17, 2017

Hot Toddy by T.C. Collins

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” ― Voltaire
This book!! It pulled me in and wouldn't let me leave!

Here's the review I left on Goodreads and Amazon:

What a wild story! I could NOT put this book down! The author has a way with words and from the beginning she dragged me down the rabbit hole, to a land of sparkle, riches, sex, and crazy, sexy, wild life. I was enthralled by LJ's journey and could relate to how she felt as a young 21 year old. Although my story is far different from hers, I understood her and remember those moments where the world was my oyster, but I had no idea what I was doing. Great story, fantastic characters, and a rush of a ride! 

I highly recommend this book and you should check out the author as well!


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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shattered Time Anthology

Have you ever wanted to travel through time?

Take a dive into this new anthology, releasing Monday, March 13th!

I added a short review for each story, but I just want to say this entire book is phenomenal.  I'm in awe of these amazing writers, who each articulated a well-crafted and outstanding story-line. I'm so grateful to be a contributor of this work!

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Lines of Time and Desire

If someone sent you a text saying they're from the future, would you believe them? Londyn doesn't know if this stranger with a charming personality is just pulling her leg or telling the truth, but what she does know is that it's too much fun not to play along. With her heart now on the line and dark secrets looming, will she make the right decision or will she let the love of her life disappear into time? A romantic tale of love, time, and tragedy.
By J.L. Clayton.
My review:
This story had me begging for more. The author pulls you in, body and soul, rushing you down a rabbit hole that you won't want to climb out of. Loved every minute of this read!


Astrid finds something at a local witch’s house, something that doesn’t belong there…
It belongs to her baby brother. The only problem with that is…he’s supposed to be dead.
Astrid searches for the truth, learning that sometimes death isn’t final…
By, Carissa Ann Lynch
My review:
What a ride!  I loved the way Carissa pulled me into Astrid's mind and life, creating such a powerful story, full of intense love and emotion, and a dash of creepy.  Great storytelling!

A Web Through Time

Meet Alex. Ordinary. Quiet. And she plays by the rules. Until she’s forced into a world where her past becomes her future and the governments of Earth are searching for her execution. Will she embrace her true nature or succumb to the threats of her parents’ enemies?
By, Niki Livingston
My review:
Well, this is my story, so... read it!  You'll love it!

Willow and The Forbidden Portal

Willow, a simple Herb Woman, flees for her life after a child under her care loses his life.
Accused of witchery, she knows the only way to save her life is to find The Forbidden Portal and escape through time.
By, Regina Oconnell
My review:
Such an original piece of work!  I loved Regina's style of writing and really enjoyed this tale of Willow and the Forbidden Portal.  It's a thrilling story and you won't be disappointed!

Cassandra's Choice

One moment, Cassandra’s driving along in her car to meet her new niece; the next, she’s waking up in the bed of an angry 19th-century Duke. What begins as a battle of wills soon turns into a struggle of emotions as Cassandra finds herself falling in love with the Duke. Will she make it back or choose to stay with the man she has come to love?
By, Ashlee Shades
My review:
Now this is a love story that had me reading as fast as I could to find out what was going to happen next!  I absolutely adored Ashlee's style of writing and thought her story was an amazing piece of work!  Read it!

The Secrets Crows Keep

Mildred was certain she'd escaped her past...she buried him. So when he showed up at her front door she had no choice but to question everything. As secrets are revealed, she realizes nothing is as it seems and the truth is more bizarre than she'd imagined.
By, Bradon Nave
My review:
Well, I have to say I was a bit disturbed and bewildered from this story, but only because this isn't my typical read.  I definitely need to broaden out to stories like this!  Bradon's writing is top-notch and he's highly skilled with grabbing and captivating his audience!

Bridging the Gap

A dismantled bridge. A portal into an era time had forgotten. That was all Garrett needed to realize how better the future could be. But at what price?
​It isn’t until Garrett sees his ways are destroying the future rather than bettering it that he comes to his senses. But will it be too late?
By, Jeremy Simons
My review:
I think everyone has moments in their lives where they wish they could change an event.  This story brings that to life and allows the reader to venture into the world of what ifs.  Is it really worth trying to change the past?  Find out!  I loved reading this story!

Time’s Launch

The year is 2363, and the Earth Confederation launched their first time-ship the ECS Andrea commanded by Captain Joseph Dyson, the ships experimental engines move them ten thousand years into the future.
By, Joe Pranaitis
My review:
I love anything Sci-Fi and this story didn't disappoint!  The author did a fantastic job to grab my full-attention and I loved the intrigue surrounding the story.  I can't wait to read more of his work!

The Salesman

Melanie, consumed by guilt over a recent tragedy, struggled to forgive herself and move forward, until one day, when a peculiar salesman offered a remedy to what ailed her.
By, D.A. Roach
My review:
This one spiraled me into a world that felt so real to me.  The remedy that this salesman offers Melanie is something I could see happening in my life, so I was yanked in, chewing on my fingernails to the very end!  Fantastic job!

"One Cockroach Left"

A tale of dinosaurs, aliens, time travel, and a really bad day . . . sixty-six million years ago.
By, Genevieve Moultrie
My review:
Being a dinosaur nerd, I absolutely LOVED this story!  And wow, the author did an amazing job of yanking full steam ahead into her imagination and bringing it alive for me!  I can't LOVE this story enough!  A must read!


When tragedy strikes, Vida Morton is given the choice to go back in time, and save the man she loves, Mort Vidal. But love is a tricky game, and so is time. Especially in the face of death.
By, Grace Charles
My review:
Awe, the pitter-patter of love!  Add a mix of time traveling and this story captivated me it's interesting plot and unusual turn of events.  Another story that pulls you in, leaving you begging fore more!

Whisper's of Forever

A breathless caress, an echo of desire whispering of Forever.
Layla thinks she is from the modern world, but her modern life hasn't been simple. Plagued with visions of others, Layla always felt as if she belonged in another time with the strangers that haunt her mind. Layla will soon find out if her visions are true. A deliciously dark serenade of hope filled tragedy.
By, T. Guthrie
My review:
This one had me spooked and on the edge of my seat.  A story of secrets, love, and eerie surroundings.  Layla is your every day girl, wanting to live her life and not have the burden of family drama. The author created well-rounded characters and a breath-taking story!  A perfect story to end this anthology!